Breach of Contract

Proactively Resolving Breach Of Contract Matters

Few commercial litigation disputes cut so deep at the way businesses operate in our economy as contract breaches. Whether the breach is between a contractor and a vendor, business partners, or an employer and an employee, the consequences of a broken legal agreement can be costly. If the breach is causing an immediate threat to your operations or endangering public safety, you must act immediately to seek relief and compensation for your losses.

Alvarez Stauffer Bremer PLLC serves businesses of all sizes in contract litigation work. Whether you are pursuing or facing a breach of contract claim, our attorneys will take an aggressive posture toward litigation. Our legal team has large-firm experience that aids them in complex and high-stakes contract disputes. But we keep our own firm lean, which means you will receive services directly from your lawyer. Our goal is an outcome that serves your business’s best interests, whether that is an early settlement or a win on appeal after litigating it in court.

Steps In Solving Contract Disputes

The terms of your contract will dictate how to begin the resolution process. The document may stipulate the use of prelitigation measures, such as mediation or arbitration, or a period of commercial negotiation. It is important to have a skilled business law attorney review your contract at the outset to understand the best approach for your case.

If negotiation does not produce a satisfactory result, the party claiming the breach may file a lawsuit to recover damages for financial losses. A plaintiff may ask for:




Remedies in equity or injunctive relief


Compensatory damages


Liquidated damages


Punitive damages

Many contract breaches require a deep analysis of the terms of the document to produce adequate solutions. Our firm’s lawyers excel at distilling complicated legal issues into terms judges and juries easily understand.

We Build Legal Relationships For The Long Term

Your company deserves reliable legal answers from an accessible team of lawyers dedicated to your success. To set up a case consultation at our Houston office, call 713-351-0300 or email us. We work with companies across Texas to resolve breach of contract cases.