Pre-Litigation Disputes

Proactive Dispute Mitigation

Alvarez Stauffer Bremer recognizes that for companies in the public eye as well as small businesses or individuals, early resolution of actual or potential disputes is desired. Our handling of matters effectively and efficiently at the pre-litigation stage can assist with that desired early resolution.

Resolving Concerns Early

Our attorneys investigate matters and counsel clients on issues that have risen to the level of a “dispute” even though no lawsuit has yet been filed. We recognize that for many clients, an early resolution is the only solution that makes sound business sense. In addition, utilizing outside counsel early in the process in an attempt to resolve a dispute before litigation, when and where appropriate, often saves the company substantial amounts in legal fees.

Experience Counts

Our attorneys frequently provide “general litigation advice” which covers any work or advice on matters that have not yet risen to the level of a lawsuit, or which simply equates to business guidance when a legal opinion may be warranted.

Learn More About Our Approach

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