Consultation and Partnering

Partnering For Success

Reasonable minds often differ, and it is not unusual for a client to seek a second opinion on legal questions affecting a potential claim or ongoing case. Additionally, the best result is sometimes a combination of skills and effort. The attorneys at Alvarez Stauffer Bremer PLLC in Houston are adept at quickly researching isolated and complicated legal issues and working with the client, and co-counsel where appropriate, to find the best solution.

Working Together

In today’s complex and multinational litigation world, there are times that the best approach for a client is to bring together lawyers from different law firms to use their diverse experience and skills to tackle the case.

Customizing Defense

Whether a client asks us to be part of a team defending large-scale catastrophic or commercial litigation, or requests that we handle a distinct part of the litigation — such as discovery, fact witness preparation, expert retention and development, or trial — we stand ready to meet the client’s needs. Our attorneys have partnered with many different law firms and lawyers in the past to achieve the best result for the client.

Find Out How We Can Help

Give ASB Legal a call today at 713-351-0300 to find out how our services can best meet your needs. You can also reach us online to schedule an initial consultation.