Insurance Litigation

Leaders In Insurance Litigation

Many disputes or workplace incidents trigger some type of insurance coverage. The attorneys at Alvarez Stauffer Bremer in Houston know that timing can be critical and know how an insured reacts to such an occurrence can impact coverage.

ASB Legal works with clients immediately after an incident occurs, or upon notice of an incident, to assist the client in understanding insurance defense and coverage issues.

Mediating For Better Results

Our attorneys are comfortable working as an intermediary between the client and their insurance carrier, working together to ensure the client’s needs are met when facing a potential claim or significant litigation.

Fighting For You

We are also there to assist if the insurance company wrongfully denies a defense and coverage, and have fought that battle on behalf of our clients. Graig Alvarez and Lance Bremer’s recent work on just such a case, which was briefed and argued to the Texas Supreme Court, was identified as one of the Top 10 Insurance Opinions in the United States in 2015.

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It is essential to have legal representation in place as soon as possible after an incident in order to build a robust case in your favor. Give ASB Legal a call at 713-351-0300 to schedule an initial consultation or contact us online.